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Jul 10 2012

Carmen Moore Posing Against The Vegas Night!

You know that saying, ‘What goes on in Vegas…’ Well, I’m sure glad that Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore doesn’t seem to live by it! Set against the beautiful Las Vegas skyline, TS Carmen Moore competes for your attention… and wins! There are lots of big winners made in Vegas every night, but today, I think […]

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Jun 19 2012

Pink And White Pleasure With TS Carmen Moore!

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore wears pink and white perfectly… Doesn’t she look like one yummy Shemale treat! COME CHECK OUT MORE TS CARMEN MOORE ON HER SITE!

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Jun 07 2012

Carmen Moore Gets Fucked On Shemale Pornstar!

TS Carmen Moore has five really great hardcore scenes on Shemale Pornstar, one of the sites that was pretty instrumental in helping launch her career. Now you can check out all five of these Carmen Moore scenes on Shemale Pornstar for the great, low price of $19.99… nearly $10 off the normal price. But you […]

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Jun 05 2012

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore Goes Glam At Tgirl Pinups!

If you want to check out a really sexy set of Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore, make sure you see this set of hers at Tgirl Pinups. TS Carmen Moore is looking mighty fetching in this sexy red dress and although I’m not quite sure what she is reading here, I’m sure glad it bores her […]

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May 24 2012

Office Daze With Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore!

I don’t know what kind of office you work in but I think if you had a girl like Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore wandering around it, you’d probably be pretty hard pressed to get any work done! Honestly, let’s just agree that concentrating on the latest sales numbers while Carmen Moore is hanging around your […]

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May 17 2012

TS Gia Grabs A Cigarette At Tgirl Fetishes!

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I was flipping through Tgirl Fetishes the other day, and admittedly, I was clicking through pretty quickly. So, when I saw these pictures of TS Gia there, I had to slow down because at first I thought they were pictures of Carmen Moore! My first thought was, when in the world did Carmen Moore start […]

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May 08 2012

Sweet Treats With Carmen Moore at Shemale Strokers!

I thought today we’d take a little trip to the past with Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore in her third set at Shemale Strokers. Carmen Moore is always a total sweetheart, but I think in this set, she is looking especially sweet with that lollipop in her hand! I know a lot of you out there […]

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Apr 24 2012

Sunlight Stroking With Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore!

Here is a sweet little clip of Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore stroking her Shemale cock for you to enjoy. I just love the thought of Carmen Moore waking up in the morning after a good night’s rest, walking out into the living room with the warm sunlight streaming in, flopping down on the couch and […]

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Apr 12 2012

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore’s Black And White Sun Shoot!

As much as I really love these black and white shoots that Carmen Moore does every once in a while, I kind of really wish this one was in color. As beautiful and striking as these pictures are in black and white, I would just love to see that beautiful body of hers highlighted by […]

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Apr 03 2012

Carmen Moore’s Fantastic Ass And Legs In Fishnet Stockings!

Now this is a sight that I hope to see at least once in my life up close and personal, how about you? Wouldn’t you just love to see TS Carmen Moore standing before you, bending over, and offering up her fantastic ass to your hard cock? I’ll bet you would! Seriously, I don’t know […]

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