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Aug 17 2010

Kissing Carmen Moore And A Whole Lot More Too!

Well, after making her debut on Shemale Yum, Carmen Moore didn’t waste any time before showing that she can dish out the hardcore scenes in addition to her awesome solo debut! What I think is great about this set is that it’s a total trap. Things start off so nice and romantic with some deep […]

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Aug 10 2010

Some Foot Rubbing Fun With Carmen Moore On Shemale Pornstar!

I think TS Carmen Moore has probably had just about every inch of her body explored by various guys over the course of her career in porn, but those lovely feet of hers probably get overlooked more often than not. Lucky for her, Danny can appreciate a good pair of feet and decides to give […]

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Aug 05 2010

TS Carmen Moore Says Hi From Las Vegas!

Published by under CARMEN MOORE ON YOU TUBE

Here’s a short little video clip of TS Carmen Moore saying ‘Hi’ to all her Fans from her room in Las Vegas. What’s she doing there? I’ll bet that she’s about to shoot one of her famous Shemale porn scenes… Besides her cute little body, Carmen Moore also has a really great voice. She’s so […]

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Aug 03 2010

Lovely Pearls With Carmen Moore On Shemale Strokers!

Here are some awesome pictures from the latest set to go up on Shemale Strokers featuring the incredibly beautiful TS Carmen Moore! I just love this first shot of Carmen with her boobs and ass just ‘popping’ right out at you! Wouldn’t you just love to see that up close and personal-like! And, notice the […]

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Jul 29 2010

Carmen Moore In PK Vegas’ Cowboys And Shemale Indians!

From time to time we’ll bring you some awesome DVD’s that Carmen Moore has been featured in. At this stage in her career, she hasn’t been featured in a whole bunch of DVD’s but I think that will change over the next few years… that is if we’re still using DVD’s then, right? Her most […]

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Jul 27 2010

Carmen Moore Debuts On Bob’s Tgirls!

Here are some pictures of TS Carmen Moore from fairly early on in her career on Bob’s Tgirls. This was the first set that Carmen did for the site but you can tell that she has future Shemale Pornstar written all over her with her natural poses and beautiful smile. Carmen is one of those […]

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Jul 22 2010

TS Carmen Moore Makes Her Debut On Shemale Strokers!

This is the debut shoot of Carmen Moore on Shemale Strokers and you can tell that she’s a little green in this set. That being said, how sexy and cute does she look in her black stockings and bustier! I was pretty much drooling as soon as I started flipping through these pictures of Carmen […]

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Jul 20 2010

Carmen Moore And Over 800 More Models On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Shemale Starlet Carmen Moore is just one of the few Tgirls to have appeared on Frank’s Tgirl World in the early stages of their careers. I think many of today’s top Transsexual Models and Performers have found Frank’s Tgirl World to be an excellent stepping stone in their careers. Frank is a professionally trained photographer […]

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Jul 15 2010

Carmen Moore Seduces Danny On Shemale Pornstar!

From Carmen Moore’s debut on Shemale Yum, let’s take you to her most recent shoot on Shemale Pornstar, where we find her dressed in her schoolgirl finery for some lessons in seduction. I’ve got to say, I don’t think it took much work on her part before Danny has his cock out and presented as […]

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Jul 13 2010

TS Carmen Moore Debuts On Shemale Yum In 2007!

In 2007 the beautiful Carmen Moore made her debut on Shemale Yum, brought to the world by PK Vegas, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for life! Since that first shoot on the site, Carmen Moore has remained one of the highest Member rated girls there and has made regular appearances ever since […]

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