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Oct 23 2012

Sexy Shemale Carmen Moore In Stockings And Silver Heels!

I think sets like this one from Shemale Pornstar Camen Moore are among my favorites. Carmen Moore always looks amazing when she gets dressed up in stockings and sexy lingerie. I think those legs of hers were made especially to be encased in expensive, smooth stockings and beautiful stiletto high heels! Carmen Moore has some […]

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Oct 09 2012

Where Does Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore Put Her Toys?

I’ll bet that if you were to open up the bedside table of most Shemale Pornstars, you’d find quite a collection of toys and dildos that she has collected through the years. TS Carmen Moore has a big glass one here that I’m sure has given her many, many hours of pleasure throughout her lifetime! […]

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Sep 20 2012

Revisiting Carmen Moore’s Outdoor Fetish Set!

Here are some pictures from another one of the sets that helped launch Carmen Moore’s Official Site a while back… Actually a little less than a year ago! Can you believe that TS Carmen Moore has been churning out awesome porn for her Fans for just a year? I think I’ve loved each and every […]

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Sep 18 2012

Revisiting Carmen Moore Having An Office Visit!

We’re coming up on the Anniversary that Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore launched her Official Site so all her Fans could have a place to go to check out her exclusive picture sets and videos. It has been a pretty good ride so far but this week let’s take a look back at a couple of […]

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Sep 06 2012

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore Trys Some Toys!

Ever wonder if Shemale Pornstars like TS Carmen Moore get a little perk when it comes to the sex toys that they use in their scenes? Well, as it turns out, I guess so! Carmen Moore gets paid a little house visit from this sexy sex toy sales person and clearly, she is eager to […]

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Aug 14 2012

Three Favorite Pictures From Recent Carmen Moore Galleries!

I just love this whole gallery that this first picture is taken from. TS Carmen Moore, naked, above the city of Las Vegas… now that is a scene that would make me leave the comfy confines of my house to see for myself! And of course, there is that lovely ass that Carmen Moore has, […]

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Aug 07 2012

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore Poses With A Stool!

Not that kind of stool you Sickos! I’m talking about the kind that you actually sit on… although, come to think of it, I’m sure that somewhere on the Internet some guy is… Well, never mind. Anyway, Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore is looking quite lovely in her black stockings and high heels, posing in this […]

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Aug 02 2012

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore Fucked With Foxxy!

Hi Carmen Moore Fans! While you’re probably keeping your eyes glued to the TV this week to check out the action of all the great athletes at the 2012 Olympics (go USA!), maybe you have a little time to squeeze in this sexy video clip of Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore getting her pretty ass fucked! […]

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Jul 31 2012

Red Hot Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore!

Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore is looking red hot in this sexy lingerie set and stockings at her Official Site. I love the great contrast between her red outfit and the gray background. When Carmen Moore strips out of her lingerie and shows off that fabulous body of hers, the contrast is even better. Wouldn’t you […]

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Jul 24 2012

Carmen Moore And Mia Isabella Show Off Their Asses!

Over the weekend I was checking through some of Carmen Moore’s earlier shoots and I came across this great one featuring fellow Shemale Pornstar Mia Isabella. I think these two girls know that they have a couple of the best asses in Shemale porn and enjoyed showing them off in this steamy shower scene. Carmen […]

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