Jul 19 2012

TS Carmen Moore Strips Off Her Panties In Bed!

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Shemale Pornstar - Carmen Moore! Shemale Pornstar - Carmen Moore!

It is sets like this one that really remind you just how beautiful Shemale Pornstar Carmen Moore is and how easily she works seduction into her scenes. Sometimes all it takes is a bed, some sexy lingerie, and a little imagination to make for one great set, and here, TS Carmen Moore takes every chance to show off her beautiful body.

Don’t you just love the thought of standing there and watching TS Carmen Moore slowly slip those delicate panties down around her legs? I’m sure by this time, Carmen Moore’s Shemale cock is probably leaking with excitement and one touch would probably make it rock hard. There is no doubt that Carmen Moore is one of the most beautiful and seductive Shemale Pornstars operating today. Such a sexy set from such a sexy girl!

Shemale Pornstar - Carmen Moore!


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  1. Stephen says:

    These are indeed very sexy pictures. I enjoyed looking at those beautiful dreamy and sexy eyes, and the smooth round ass Carmen carries around!

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