Jul 06 2010

About Carmen Moore!

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The original Native American tgirl IS Carmen Moore.  She’s one of the cutest and hottest tgirls I’ve ever seen and I’ve followed every set she’s done since she first appeared on Shemale Yum in 2007. She was so young and fresh and naturally beautiful that I had to have everything that she’s been in … and I’ve even visited her for a wonderful time when I was in Las Vegas a few years ago!

What I love about Carmen is that she’s not what you’d expect. She’s a fantastic looking girl, that much is obvious but the fact that she also embraces her ethnic identity along with other girls like Jamie Page, Jessica Foxx, Quinn and a few more, really enhances her personality. She’s also smart, dresses very nicely and has excellent manners. She is also very very horny and as a porn star or just a nude model, I’ve never seen a bad set of her!

I hope this fan blog will introduce new people to Carmen Moore and her other Native American tgirl sisters. Carmen is a Navajo Indian T-Girl from a reservation in Arizona and I wonder how many undiscovered tgirl models there might be out there? She’s appeared on Shemale Yum, Shemale Pornstar, Franks Tgirlworld, Bob’s Tgirls, Shemale Club and Shemale Strokers

The photos here are from her first shoot … and her latest!

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    hi.you are very good.i love.you.and send to me your pics

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